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About the lady behind the scenes:

Professionally, Miss Flynn worked in Film/Video & Radio as a production manager / producer for over 30 years.  After co-producing a radio show for 9 years, she's semi-retired from media production work.  But, who knows what the future holds? "The Shadow knows".  Ahem, right.  Anyhow, moving right along... Just like how essential oils have multi-faceted uses, people are wonderful muilti-faceted beings.

Essential Oils had been in Miss Flynn's bucket list of planned learning for years.  It used to be some odd off shoot of natural health she always heard yet was curious about.  Why would anyone spend so much money on something that seemed so well... frou frou?  As you can tell, scented candles wasn't her thing.

 Valerie Flynn is an Events Coordinator and a doTerra Wellness Advocate.
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The depth of knowledge of the science and history behind essential oils is fascinating.  Valerie was fortunate to be graced with two mentors who shared their knowledge and love of essential oils with her.  Though these last three years of personal research, teaching classes, coaching and personal experiences, essential oils are an indispensable part of her life.

Valerie understands that sometimes it can be confusing sifting though all the information out there, feel free to check out the research links on the research page or contact her directly to discover how you can benefit and enjoy essential oils too.

Entertainment  & Education Industry Background Bio

Valerie Flynn has provided 1st & 2nd Assistant Director and Production services for such clients as Mammoth Micro Prod., Turner Entertainment / Hanna-Barbera, Audio Entertianment, IBM Zenith, Cobe Labs, Active Entertainment, Movie Store Entertainment, Tele-Film Prod., Cinema Arts Entertainment, FanFare Recording Studio, Update Productions, Derryberry Audio Prod., City of Arvada & Golden and others.

In addition to working with George Flynn, her father, on their numerous media and motion picture projects, Valerie was also one of the producers of the "Words of Freedom" Radio Show.  She has also assisted in classroom education since 1994 in media education related classes at various schools including:

  • Aims Community College,
  • University of Colorado,
  • Colorado Film School,
  • Red Rock Community College
  • Arvada Center for the Arts
  • Colorado Institute for the Arts
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